Complete Bullies kennel is not just an ordinary dog kennel. It's a part of family philosophy, lifestyle and partnership with amazing dog breed, the American Bully.

Our Philosophy

Breeding of XL American Bullies is the same as creating precious art, crafted by loving hands which are following great vision.  Here at Complete Bullies, we create the most ultimate companions right for you!

Lenka Martens Zachová & Sebastiaan Martens Bos,
Proud Owners, Breeders and Trainers


World's unique breedings

From old school to new bloodlines, we are precisely choosing the best combinations of world's best American Bully blood for our planned breedings. Taking in consider all important aspects as health, character and exterior of each dog, we are bringing you the most unique breedings and carefully chosen parents for your puppy.


World's unique health guarantee

All our puppies come with full health guarantee, no matter if you bought your puppy from us as a pet/companion dog or show/breeding prospective one. Health guarantee covers hereditary diseases, including the orthopaedical ones.


World's unique service

From the best care and kennel environment, to lifetime customer service, we are here to make a purchase of your new puppy a special occasion!

About us

We are Lenka and Sebastiaan, founders and owners of Complete Bullies kennel. Our family owned and run dog kennel is located close to Prague, Czech Republic, heart of Europe.

We always loved dogs and have them around all our lives. Lenka comes from cynological family where conformation shows, dog training and breeding was and still is part of daily life, although never on a professional level. Her mother was the one who introduced her amazing world of dogs.

She established her very own FCI kennel “Kazana” in 2008 and focused on showing and breeding Turkish Kangal dogs. By time, she reached with them most prestigious show titles as several FCI World and European Champions, many National Champions, Best Of Breed winnings etc., same as exported own bred, as well show successful progeny all over the world (USA, New Zealand, South Korea, Great Britain, Russia, France…). Lenka also used to compete in Junior Handling for many years and handled dogs for clients for which she gained titles as Best Of Breed at world’s most famous dog show Cruft’s in Birmingham, England amongst others.

Few years after Lenka retired from breeding and showing livestock guardian dogs and we purchased with Sebastiaan a family companion, French Bulldog Tobi. As Sebastiaan was dreaming about having big dog, Rocky, the Cane Corso came soon to our family as well.

Then in 2021, an idea about third family companion dog came to Sebastiaan’s mind. He read a lots about American Bullies already longer time ago and introduced them to Lenka, who never heard about them before. Although she didn’t want to have third dog anymore, this breed amazed her too. They seemed to be such great family dogs! We went to see them at ABKC show in Czech and definitely decided to get one. ONE. Female, to better fit with our small male pack and for Lenka to maybe breed her in future too and compete at conformation shows again.

As we were searching for the best breeder and the best fitting dog to our family, we decided to bring our puppy from USA. Checking breeder by breeder, litter by litter, until we found former ManMade’s kennels member David Lloyd who gave us opportunity to get 1st pick female from him. In meantime, while we already had reservation and Lenka was still browsing thru kennel pages, she found The Incredibullz kennel and their BSK Blix x RIP Incredibullz Down N Dirty (Dirty Burg) litter. With their breath-taking ticked puppies. There was no option not to get one as Lenka grew up with her mother’s Dalmatians and this Incredibullz litter was simply so good, that she couldn’t resist. Their 1st pick Dalmatian looking black spotted male was very special puppy and we straight decided to get him as well.

Soon after, our first XL American Bullies from USA arrived to Czech Republic. And they enchanted us… They outclassed our expectations with their character, appearance, everything. 

Idea about establishing own bully kennel came soon after and by this, Lenka’s great passion in confirmation shows and breeding started to fulfil again. She saw big potential in this young breed and possibility of participating at developing and bettering it by using her previous experience and skills with various breeds and running own successful kennel.

From that moment on, we planned very carefully our breeding goals for many years ahead and started to search for the best foundation dogs for our future kennel same as we decided to create best professional kennel environment for them. We moved outside of the capital city, away from bustle and hustle of rush city center with its concrete streets, although we lived close to several beautiful city parks and forests.

One by one, Minnie, Nala, Spirit, Goldie and later on also Conquest came to us, all of them from USA from various breeders. Carrying world’s best bloodlines, being wisely chosen as complete foundation for our own XL American Bully lineage where outstanding exterior fulfilling breed standard of American Bully meets perfect health and great, family loving, easy going and cooperative character. As we were immersed into “bully issues” and started to peek under the hood of big bully world, we found out that our ideas and vision is nothing common or ordinary.

Most of the kennels don’t do sufficient health testing of their dogs or they are completely lacking it, although American Bullies prone to quite some diseases, especially orthopaedic ones. Lots of XL American Bullies doesn’t meet breed standard in their exterior, same as lack of socialization and environment not sufficient enough for good mental development of puppies together with lack of informations about raising this breed given to new owners cause that we started to see many dogs which were far below average not just by their appearance, but also by their characters (either aggressive or timid).

For us best of the best was always the key in all life aspects, either business or private area. Our previous work in medical field and with various businesses gave us wider view at breeding as a very special and exclusive way of creating something so precious as dogs are. So the decision to breed the best XL American Bullies, beautiful, healthy and well behaved ones, became our vision and main goal in bully game. This way brings hard decisions sometimes, strong selection of breeding stock yet securing the best possible living conditions and life comfort for all dogs, which is not easy or cheap at all.

Our very own experience with purchasing puppies or older dogs of different breeds from many breeders all over the world gave us also wide range of both, positive and negative experience with dogs coming from very different conditions and environments. All that knowledge connected in very deep and professional breeders know how of Complete Bullies kennel. We are here to help you to choose the best bully right for you, no matter if you are looking for show/breeding prospective dog, a foundation for your kennel or future conformation show star and/or the best life and family companion ever. All our puppies and dogs grow up in specially designed environment surrounded by love and best professional care of our family to bring you the true happiness. 

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