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Welcome in our XL American Bully kennel. Complete Bullies are Perfect Dogs and True Champions. All of our Bullies have ABKC pedigrees and come from the best bloodlines in the world. Health tested show winners, raised as loving family dogs in the best environment.

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Complete Bullies kennel is home to high-end XL American Bullies, true to the breed standard. We strive to breed the best show quality puppies which are loving companions and great family dogs.

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Frequently asked questions regarding to purchasing puppy from our kennel, worldwide shippment, pricing and instructions how to take care of your XL American Bully.

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It is very easy. You can contact us by e-mail or phone, which you will find in Contacts. Also feel free to leave us a message at FB or IG, links to both of the profiles are at Contacts page as well.
After getting in touch with us, we will discuss with you your requirements at dog from us, either if you are looking for pet/companion puppy or if you are searching for show/breeding quality one. These things are good to have on your mind before purchasing dog in general as not every puppy has show or breeding potential, although coming from the best bloodlines and show titled parents. We are here for you to help you choose prospective American Bully for conformation shows of different registries or give an advice about picking the right foundation for your own kennel, also with advising about possible pairing with your current or upcoming breeding stock.
Once you are looking for an exclusive pet or great family companion, we can guarantee you that every puppy which comes from our kennel has the best potential to become one, thanks to carefully chosen breedings, unique health program, the best family environment and special care we give to each single dog and puppy at us.
As it’s very important for us to secure good future life for all our puppies, we are going to give you couple of questions regarding to your previous experience with dogs, current housing etc. to be sure that American Bully puppy is going to be the right newest member of your family!
After settling what kind of puppy would you like to have, you can reserve your pick by paying deposit of 25% of the price of your puppy, either via PayPal or directly to the bank account, together with signing Reservation contract. Due to high demand for our puppies we highly recommend you to reserve your puppy as soon as possible.
Deposits are refundable if there is no puppy of desired sex born in quality settled in the Reservation contract (pet or show/breeding) from desired breeding. Deposit is non refundable in case you decide not to take the puppy, although it can be transferred to any future available puppy from different breeding.
Puppies can leave from us to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks. In case your country requires specific age for puppy to enter, your puppy will stay with us until that time and get all the care and love it needs. Most of the countries allow import of puppies from other countries from 15 – 16 weeks of age. Full payment for puppy is required no longer than at the age of 7 – 8 weeks of puppy, when picks are being done together with signing Buying contract.
From the moment when puppy is fully paid, we can start to prepare everything necessary for shipping puppy to you, unless you are not going to come to us and pick up your puppy personally, which is mostly welcome!
Price of pet puppy without breeding rights starts at 2000 EUR.
Price of show/breeding quality puppy with breeding rights starts at 5000 EUR, but might reach higher, depends on each breeding and pick of puppy.
What is included in the price of puppy:
  • Lifetime guarantee for hereditary diseases (for all puppies, specified in Buying contract),
  • 2 years guarantee on inherited orthopaedical diseases (for all puppies, specified in Buying contract)
  • Show/breeding quality guarantee (just for show/breeding quality certified puppies, specified in Buying contract)
  • All the veterinarian care until puppy  leaves to new home (deworming, vaccinations, medical check-ups)
  • Export permits and paperwork in case of requirement of such by your country (import permits and paperwork in country of puppy’s destination must be arranged and paid by its new owner, although we will always do our best to help you with it)
  • Microchipping and European Pet Passport
  • ABKC paperwork
  • Puppy package for first days (food and recommended food supplements, toy, etc.)
  • Lifetime exclusive membership in Complete Bullies Family
  • Boarding of puppy until it leaves to its new home (including longer boarding time to countries as Australia, New Zealand etc.)
  • Basic training of the puppy until it leaves to its new home – depends on age of puppy at the time of shipping, usually includes basics for future clicker training method as well
Yes, it’s possible! We can ship our puppies worldwide by standard cargo/pet transportation, mostly arranged by professional pet shipping companies or by exclusive and for puppy very comfortable “door to door” service while being accompanied by private puppy nanny. Please, take in consider that each country has its specific import regulations which might require specific ways of transportation, vaccinations and other veterinarian requirements or import permits for dogs. It is up to the new owner to check above mentioned with local government veterinarian office, although we are always here to help you with everything necessary and you can be sure that we will do our maximum to get your puppy to you. It is also up to new owner to check local city/country regulations for keeping an American Bully before considering its purchase.  
We are experienced in exporting puppies all over the Europe, to the United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea etc.
Please, take in consider that price for shipping is not included in the price for puppy.
And you are always warmly welcome at us to pick up your puppy personally and see where it grew up!
Ear cropping is forbidden by law in Czech Republic and most of the European countries, although in some countries it is still accepted even at conformation shows. It is up to your decision if to crop your puppy’s ears or not and we highly recommend to check local law and veterinarian regulations in your country.

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Our puppies are precisely created and raised as the most valuable family companions and luxurious pets. Coming with world's unique health guarantee and lifetime customer service, they are predestined to make your life happier and more fulfilled. Having that special wow factor and amazing loyal character, they will become a precious jewel by your side.

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